YEARS IN THE MAKING... Flener IP & Business Law

By Zareefa B. Flener Posted 


Flener IP & Business Law has entered its fifth (5) year! As we look back we have many people to thank for unwavering support and encouragement including our clients, associates, family, friends, employees, and most importantly our partners (both beloved and professional). We are who we are because of you and we cannot express our gratitude enough.  Looking forward, we meet new challenges with a confidence built on our experience and strategic partnerships.

We are entering new era when minority and women-owned enterprises such Flener IP & Business Law receive more visibility than ever before.  It is more than just a lucky coincidence. More buzz means more education, greater opportunity and more responsibility. The latter resonates most at FLIP.

We recognize we are not created equally, and more importantly, the differences that make the world a brighter and more dynamic platform from which we evolve.  We can each identify our unique strength/skill/talent, and if each of us shares our unique trait, then together we become the nexus for change. Together we can disrupt the status quo, creating chaos through which innovation is born. We are responsible for participating in our societies.  The core of the FLIP mission is to engage ourselves, volunteer, mentor, and educate. To do so, we have chosen causes through which we believe we can make a more equalizing impact. For example:

  • Zareefa Flener (Managing Partner), continues to educate through lectures, participates on Boards of entrepreneurial organizations and supports events spotlighting where and how diversity plays a role in the marketplace of ideas, identifying where the community is flailing, and offering solutions to the problems.
  • Elaine Ramesh (Partner), among other volunteering commitments, Elaine gives her time to educate and encourage girls in the Girl Scouts of America to explore futures in STEM related subjects with an underlying understanding that innovative technologies move civilization forward. 
  • Bryna Dahlin (Partner), volunteers on Boards and assists many startups as General Counsel to get these endeavors off the ground.
  • The firm itself, sponsors events in line with the core mission: locally through the Chicago Women in IP endeavors, and for the first time, in 2018, we will be a proud sponsor of the KPMG Women's Professional Golf Association championship. 

We at FLIP challenge you to join us in disrupting the status quo because together we are the nexus for change. We encourage you to fasten your seat belts and hold on tight as you enter the next chapter with FLIP.  Let’s think outside the box! 

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