FLIP is front and center at the Women Empowering Women luncheon.

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Flener IP & Business Law was very pleased to attend the sold out Women Empowering Women luncheon at client Maple and Ash in Chicago. The venue was beautiful and the event inspiring; a reminder that we are stronger together, all have unique and invaluable skills that should be shared and taught to other women, there is strength in numbers, and we are catalysts for change.

We thank the host, Maple and Ash and team, for hosting this inaugural event and providing a forum in which such power was clearly evident.



BRYNA DAHLIN joins the FLIP Partnership!

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BRYNA DAHLIN, B.S. J.D. Attorney at law

Flener IP Law is thrilled to announce that Bryna Dahlin is joining the firm as a partner. As a result, we have rebranded to Flener IP & Business Law to recognize the positive synergism that our new partnership generates for the firm and our clients alike. Bryna brings a wealth of litigation and corporate counseling experience to Flener IP & Business Law, thus expanding the services we can offer to our clients. You can read about her further in the attached biography.

Flener IP & Business Law remains at your service as a women-owned business.
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for your IP and Business needs, or for a consultation. 


The Partners and Attorneys at

GIRL SCOUTS IP BADGE with the assistance of the women owned FLENER IP & BUSINESS LAW partners

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On February 24th, 2018, Flener IP & Business Law sponsored the Chicago Women in IP  Intellectual Property Patch event for the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Elaine Ramesh, Partner, was front and center, helping the girls understand a bit about intellectual property. 

Flener IP & Business Law, being a women owned business in intellectual property and business law, emphasizes community service, encouraging girls and women to take an interest in the sciences, and stays true to its roots. Please feel free to contact us, we encourage collaboration and the first step is communication.

 Elaine, with the girl scouts!

Elaine, with the girl scouts!

Pst, have you heard about California Trademark Laws?

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California has amended its trademark laws to allow the registration of cannabis goods and services!  As of January 1, 2018, the California Secretary of State is now registering trademarks covering cannabis goods and services.  State trademark protection is available on these marks provided: (1) the mark is lawfully used in commerce within California, and (2) the goods and/or services covered in the trademark application follows the classification system adopted at the federal level by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The lawful use in California commerce element is important for businesses to be mindful of.  Lawful use of the trademark must be at the time the trademark application is filed.  This means businesses must be licensed to sell the products or perform the services covered in the trademark application and have actual sales.  Unlike the federal trademark system, there is no opportunity to reserve trademark rights based on intent to use the mark in California commerce.

These changes to California trademark law arise from California’s legalization of marijuana use, but lack of harmonization with trademark protection for cannabis business.  Literally a “wild west” where multiple companies could lawfully sell cannabis goods and services under the same or similar trademarks, potentially trading off each other’s goodwill.  Previous California trademark law tracked federal trademark law.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has taken the position that if a trademark covers goods or services considered illegal under the Controlled Substances Act, lawful use in commerce is not possible and trademark protection is and remains unavailable.

This new California trademark law is a first, but is likely to be replicated in other states where cannabis is legal, but state trademark law continues to track federal trademark law in defining “lawful use in commerce”.  Flener IP & Business Law is continuing to track developments and to consider trademark protection strategies in California and other states.

FLIP is a women owned boutique firm specializing in intellectual property law from counseling, managing global and domestic portfolios, transactions, corporation formation and maintenance, and litigation surrounding all aspects of intellectual property.


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Birth rates are declining in the U.S., Europe and other regions, while at the same time, life expectancies are increasing, together contributing to an aging population.  Billions of dollars are poured into research and innovation centered around healthcare, sustainability, and survival in a future riddled with much uncertainty, but with some predictable guarantees. 

FLIP is proud to announce client Dosist's inclusion in the short list of the worlds most innovative companies (2018) in the healthcare sector. Dosist's inclusion in the healthcare sector next to companies such as Helix and Veritas Genetics appears to provide legitimacy to the cannabis industry; confirms that new markets provide opportunity for technological advancement; and recognizes that health, happiness, and well-being remain a top priority despite overwhelming facts and statistics which demand innovation to tackle the future aging populations.  

Flener IP & Business Law, an entirely women owned intellectual property and business law firm, is proud to be of service to Dosist. 



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As the year draws to a close, we patent practitioners look forward to the TIME.com publication listing the best inventions of the year. This 2016, hmbldt (GSW Creative Corporation), a Flener IP Law client since inception, was listed in the top 10. To view, see here...http://time.com/4572079/best-inventions-2016/

We are proud to be of service and counsel, and are duly impressed with their vision and technology. Stay tuned to see what more is in store in terms of innovative breakthroughs.

Flener IP Law is a full service intellectual property law firm, and the patent attorneys can provide beneficial monitoring services for, and analysis of, published pending U.S. applications.  Contact us for further information and value-oriented pricing.