Create, protect, enforce, monetize...

Create, protect, enforce, monetize...



Dedicated to helping you build your vision.

FLENER IP & BUSINESS LAW brings big firm experience to discerning clients, taking time to counsel clients on strategic decisions with regards to their intellectual property portfolios.

FLENER IP & BUSINESS LAW collaborates with affiliates to bring a global perspective to intellectual property protection.  Zareefa B.Flener, Manager, is an intellectual property attorney. She is well versed in patent/trademark/copyright preparation, prosecution, and litigation/opposition work in both the federal courts and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, providing a well rounded approach to clients' intellectual property. Zareefa's partner, Elaine M. Ramesh, rounds out the chemical/pharmaceutical practice. FLENER IP & BUSINESS LAW offers almost three decades of experience to its clients, building a solid intellectual property foundation for any company, University or individual, and remains a women-owned business. 

FLENER IP & BUSINESS LAW also provides highly successful results in M&A intellectual property related work, due diligence, litigation and corporate matters as it relates to intellectual property.